Intelligent Anti-Snoring Sleep Device.


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Product Properties

Power Mode: USB

Function: handheld remote control

Control mode: mechanical

Specification: English packaging

Color: black

Material: ABS++elastic belt

Size: 50 * 20 * 12mm

Electric Smart Anti-snoring Device Stop Snore Portable Ear Hook Comfortable Sleep Well Stop Snore Massage Intelligent Design:The Anti-snoring adopts sound recognition and bone conduction technology to detect snores and emit low frequency pulse to stimulate and massage nerves, effectively allowing you to have a peaceful and enhanced sleep quality 

Adjustable Mode : The intensity of the product intervention from weak to strong physical intervention can be adjusted ,so you can choose working mode that suits you.


Sleep Better -:The ideal way to stop snoring,  will make the snoring person sleep better and sleep more, which is the perfect gift for the snoring people


Product Contraindications :Prohibition of use of people with heart pacemakers, heart and cerebrovascular problems, pregnancy or childbirth

Weight 125 kg
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Intelligent Anti-Snoring Sleep Device.